There will also be important information and quality content about the area, like:

*Local Schools
*Arts & Museums
*Dining / Nightlife

The guidebooks have pages and pages of content and they will be available to hundred of agents that work in a variety of RESPECTED local

Realty offices, such as:
Keller Williams
Coldwell Banker
Ebby Halliday

Multiple Offices! Hundreds of Agents!

         Relocation & Moving Checklist Guidebooks

Realty offices and agents distribute the guidebooks all over town & provide them directly to homeowners that are buying and selling. The guidebooks are a fundamental and needed tool for the Realty agents, to keep homeowners organized, informed, and on track throughout a complicated move.

The guidebooks provide an extensive, multipage moving checklist, calendar & note space for the Realtor… They will guide the homeowner with step by step instructions on how to start preparing for a move (Months in Advance) up until moving day.

Big T is expanding again! Denver, Colorado office coming soon!